Hats off to you for thinking about it now, so you can build effective HIPAA regulatory compliance measures into your business, technology, and product strategies.

HIPAA Compliance – We’ve got it covered.

Almost every new healthcare technology company is going to need to address the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws before acquiring its first customer. 

With a clear HIPAA compliance plan, you demonstrate to potential investors that you understand the detailed ins and outs of healthcare technology, and are committed to customer privacy. You show them that you have assessed the business risk of storing patient data and have a solid plan to mitigate that risk.

How We Help

However far along you are in your product roadmap, we’ll apply our extensive hands-on experience and HIPAA certification to identifying the actions you need to take to be fully compliant.

Since data security is a competitive advantage, we can also go beyond the minimum legal requirement, and recommend additional ways to strengthen the security of personal user data, further de-risking your business model. We’ll even provide you with a tailored HIPAA compliance presentation for your investors!